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The 7 Steps

7 steps I hear you cry? What???? So these 7 steps are to help you get your nutrition back on track. These are NOT specific recipes, these are good changes you can easily do right now.

1. Cut out all dairy products. 

I know, it's tough, you love that ice cream but girl, animal products have a huge amount of hormones in already and hormones are our problem. Cut dairy out of your life for 3 months as that's how long it takes to get male hormone levels under control.

2. Eat more vegetables and pulses.

I know, how boring, eat more veggies but these will all help to increase the levels of the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) which is known for helping to control those male hormones

3. Cut down on Caffeine.

Yeah I hear you, that morning coffee got you all like yeee-ha but girl, caffeine has to go. We got to give your adrenal glands a rest and this is your first step.

4. Say no to the booze.

If you can, and want to, cut it out completely. If you don't want to completely then cut it down for at least 12 weeks to allow your liver function to improve

5. Switch to unrefined carbohydrates.

This means everything white - white rice, white sliced bread, biscuits. Try to use whole foods if you're making foods. Always, ALWAYS eat them with protein and never let yourself go for more than 3waking hours without food. This is to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

6. Cut down on saturated fats.

End of.

7. Eat oily fish and foods rich in omega 3.

This is to encourage your body to become more sensitive to insulin so it can get over being insulin resistance.