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Simple stretches video #1

Ok, so our first video is up!! Woohoooooo. First off excuse Molly making noises and motion in the bottom right corner! Secondly the noise on the vid is her "talking", so if you want to mute it - fair play to you!

This video has some super simple moves to work your hips, bum and legs. It's gentle and challenging all at the same time. If you're just starting back into exercise - take it slow. Do 10 of each - and on each side but take breaks when and if you need.

What exercises are on the vid?

- first up there is some hip alignment, gentle rocking back and forth, think tucking your bum under and pulling it back up.

- second some bridge work. Don't try to push your chest in the air, let our bum do the work. Breath out when you're going up and in when coming down.

- in bridge, single knee raises, these can be tough so take a break if need to. Try not to roll side to side.

- finally there are clams while in bridge, try to keep raised (I struggle!) but do your best. Tighten those bum muscles if you feel yourself getting tired and drooping.