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Wow, so where do I start? I guess back in 2005 when I was diagnosed with PCOS. To be honest at the time I really didn't pay much attention to it, I was hairy but I'm also half Indian so I kinda figured I wasn't going to win either way. And I certainly didn't want kids anytime soon! Fast forward to 2010 and I've just woken up in agony and with my belly the size of being 9months pregnant. What I didn't know then was that a cyst on my ovary had burst (the night before). I was then rushed to hospital, where I almost died and had to have major surgery with a recovery of 4 months. Living hell, a shock and luckily I got to keep my ovaries. A year later another operation, this time key hole surgery and so far so good ever since. However there was a bout of time when I was on super duper strong hormone pills - loss of weight, sex drive and happiness all to boot. I was then on dianette which really suited me and then in 2017 I started to try to get pregnant. I went down lots of various routes before we started trying, I got my diet sorted, my exercise sorted and we, again luckily, got pregnant within 2 months. 

It's been one mammoth journey, one that almost killed me, literally but we made it and have a little girl Molly to be thank full for.

I started this website because since 2005 I haven't found a site to help me with PCOS that felt, nice, normal, interesting. I hope this is one for you.