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your journey

Holistic exercise videos all designed to help with PCOS, hormonal issues and more.

A wide variety of food recipes and ideas to help you on your PCOS journey

Little tips and tricks to ease emotional and physical stress.

Here we have industry experts (acupuncturists, herbalists, doctors and more) giving you their top tips.


My name is Jette, I was first diagnosed with PCOS in 2005. Throughout my journey I lacked a one-stop-shop resource where I could read about PCOS, health and lifestyle tips plus read other women's PCOS journeys. 

Getting help with PCOS

This website isn't designed with a "do this and you will be cured" attitude. It was designed and created because when I was going through my PCOS journey (and I still am) I found it really hard to get any non cheesy, non uber medical advice. I wanted a space that took into consideration Eastern and Western medicine, not just an approach of take the pill, loose weight etc. I hope you find this place useful and helpful and I'd love to hear from you!